0.2.0 Public Update


  • HomeBase - Added Placeholder UI to add/remove team members
  •  HomeBase - Added Placeholder UI to features awaiting implementation (minigames etc)
  • Combat - Skills can be added/removed from a generic queue (Working Progress)
  •  Animations - Each character given different standing poses
  •  GFX - Replaced Shaders and Processors for Rendering
  •  Gameplay - Dialogue System now supports Image options for players to choose
  • UI - Removed repeative the duplicate splash screens
  • UI - Added character portraits and borders

Backend Stuff

  •  UI - Added character portraits and frames
  • Editor - Added for dungeons added (levels can be created manually)
  • Editor - Added for characters (new character settings can be added)
  • Performance -In-game Dialogue Menu improved (was previously spaghetti code)
  • Performance - Android issues mostly resolved (Final Visuals to be decided)
  • Performance - Removed unused code from code base
  • Code - Internal versioning added.

Known Issues

  • Gameplay - Dialogue scrolling text is not fluid
  • Gameplay - Characters pop in/out of loading a scene ( dungeons )
  • Gameplay - Adding/Removing team members does not carry into combat
  • Gameplay - Android Input does not behave naturally in combat
  • GFX  - Characters do not have a consistent look
  • Android - Combat queue does not function properly, likely Input issues
  • Android - File size is 100MB+


harem.0.2.0.apk 96 MB
Feb 19, 2018
harem.0.2.0.zip 91 MB
Feb 19, 2018


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